Our trip to London

From 13th to 17th May, both classes of « 3èmes » from high school Rochefeuille went to visit London. We had sunny sunshine and we all enjoyed the visits and a good atmosphere between one another. The students and the teachers (Mister Mariaux, Mister Lebreil, Mrs Lhostis, Mrs Fradin and Jocelyne, Mrs Lhostis’s sister) stayed in many host families every night. For lunch, we had our picnic in Hyde Park or Regent’s park. Many Londoners eat there for their lunch break. The sandwiches were made of ham, cheese, cucumbers, salad and tomatoes. We were able to speak a little English, this is not so difficult after all ! We saw many monuments such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye… We had a lot of fun at Madame Tussauds, we learnt a great deal at the Imperial War Museum and at the HMS Belfast. We walked a lot, the trip by coach and by ferry was tiring but it was great to get a lot of free time in some areas of London : Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Camden Lock Market. We spent a lot of money in Oxford Street, all the shops were fantastic but the prices were a bit expensive. We even take the tube, that was impressive ! We had to be quick to go into the carriages ! Everyone was very nice and well-behaved We keep fabulous memories of this trip. Bye…until next time !

Héloïse, Tiphaine and Océane with Mister Johnny Depp…
Les 3a devant le stade de Chelsea.
Evan, Arnaud et Enzo donnent une conférence de presse après le match.
Léa et Alexis dans les vestiaires des joueurs
Inside the stadium.

Article rédigé par Mme Fradin

Benoît, Mélaine, Alexandre, Fanny, Even, Kevin, Arnaud, Léa, Maëlle et Camille.
Both classes.
We can see Mister Mariaux with a group of students from his class !
Clément, Baptiste, Camille and Maëlle.
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